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While collaborating with the famous Arnhem Fashion Institute' students, Celine Charlot realized that there was a real fashion industry in Netherlands that included many talented designers who were little known on the international scene. The idea for " Les canaux de la mode" was born.

Sabine Morandini : Why did you create Les canaux de la mode ?
Was is mandatory?
CC : I found it very natural as a French woman to work on an international project that would promote dutch stylists and French craftsmen. The purpose of Les canaux de la mode is to bring them tools to create or develop their business (intellectual property, import-export logistic ). With this we hope to open their minds on the existing possibilities and help this venture become a success story and create a link between France and the Netherlands, a link between craft and fashion Design, and finally a link between creativity and business. It's actually mandatory if we want to keep our craft industry and our craftsmen and if we believe in the future of Dutch designers and in their potential in the international fashion industry.

SM : How did you proceed to select the craftsmen and designers?
CC : In order to do that we chose to work with some of the best french craftsmen who are used to work with the most prestigious couture names, and to represent dutch fashion we picked freshly graduated designers as well as creators who had been working in dutch fashion since 10 years, and also designers who had been presenting their shows in Paris fashion week since a few years. During the first edition of Les canaux de la mode project that took place in November 2008, we introduced 4 French craftsmen :Laetitia Schlumberger (corset maker), Romuald Lamy (jewelry maker), Severina Lartigue (silk flower creator) et Vanessa Ruiz (leather crafstman) and 5 dutch creators, Iniy Sanchez, Jeroen van Tuyl, Monique van Heist and Oscar. They worked and collaborated for a year to bring 13 unique creations to life. It has been very interesting to see how they utilized this project to work and explore each other's universe. It is really important and interesting for everybody to have their freedom of choice to work with the craftsman/designer of their choice, and to be led by very different universes without imposing one's themes. The result is surprising and daring as we can see, for example, in the work of Monique van Heist and Severina Lartigue and their “brooch for a day” : 365 paper brooches to wear and change with seasons; The dragon's coat from Jeroen van Tuyl and Vanessa Ruiz or also Iniy Sanchez's approach to integrate the jewelry maker Romuald Lamy's universe to his while creating « towel dress », or Vanessa Ruiz's with “gloves and dress” or Severina Lartigue's with the creation of « suit with weeds ».

SM : How do you apprehend the future?
CC : I would like to continue with Les canaux de la mode adventure every 2 years to create a biennal event that would take place, like the first one, in France and in the Netherlands in order to equally promote the craftsmen and the designers.

SM : Do you have a fascination for fashion ?
CC : Those artists , the craftsmen and the designers are the one that fascinate and inspire me, with a passion... With the help of a little nuttiness, passion and a lot of willpower they have to reinvent themselves every 6 months, to surprise, renew themselves and make us dream.


Les Canaux de la Mode
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Interview with Monique Van Heist, And Beyond, Iniy Sanchez Von Oort, Oscar Raaijmakers, Leatitia Schlumberger, Séverina Lartigue, Vanessa Ruiz, Romuald Lamy, Jeroen Van tuyl