Iris van Herpen

Sculpting the Senses

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The Enchanted Exhibition of Iris van Herpen in Paris

There are encounters between human genius and art that transcend time, awakening the senses and shaking established certainties. In Paris, the city of lights where every alley whispers a story, a unique exhibition weaves a tapestry between fashion and the fantastical, revealing the very essence of the ephemeral. Where the wings of imagination beat, Iris van Herpen erects her sanctuary of inspiration, illuminating the souls of visitors in a ballet of shadows and light.

Like a poet of forms, Van Herpen transcends the limits of the possible, metamorphosing silk and metal into textile symphonies. Inspired by surrealist masters such as Salvador Dalí and the innovative concepts of contemporary artist Lucio Fontana, the exhibition, akin to an enigmatic poem, unveils creations where the ethereal intertwines with matter, and the past merges with the future. The couturier becomes an alchemist of the senses, guiding us through a labyrinth of ethereal fabrics and evanescent silhouettes.

The artist defies gravity with audacity; the robes ripple, floating in the air like fairy apparitions. Textures intertwine, creating an endless dance between the organic and the mechanical. Curves reminiscent of the movement of waves, while rigid lines evoke the architecture of a futuristic dream. Each creation by Iris van Herpen seems like a door between the known and the unknown, where the past meets the present in an eternal embrace.

The mystical shadow of Salvador Dalí hovers over the creations, bringing a surreal touch that defies the laws of reality. Iris van Herpen's gowns appear as living canvases, where time folds and distorts like the melting watch in an awakened dream. Every curve, every fold, is an allusion to the fluidity of thoughts and emotions, much like the iconic works of the Spanish master.

The exhibition becomes a sanctuary where time dissolves, where the ephemeral freezes in the eye of the observer. Like an artist who defied the constraints of reality, Van Herpen creates pieces that challenge the conventions of clothing and transcend eras. The spectator is invited to contemplate these works not just as garments but as relics of a mystical journey through infinity.

Colors blend in a divine palette, creating enchanting skies and oceans of dreams. Every detail, every fold, is a stanza in the poem of eternity. The Iris van Herpen exhibition becomes a cathedral of fashion, where devotees of art bow before limitless creativity. In every stitched thread, in every drawn contour, echoes the resonance of an immortal passion that transcends the transience of the moment.

Thus, in the halls of the MAD in Paris, the exhibition of Iris van Herpen stands as an ode to the elusive, a celebration of the ephemeral. Just as the great names in fashion have left their indelible mark on the pages of history, the creations of Van Herpen will remain engraved in the hearts of visitors, reminding us that true art does not merely dress the body but also nourishes the soul.



 Warren du Preez
et Nick Thornton Jones
pour Iris van Herpen —
Robe Cosmica,
en collaboration avec
Kim Keever (impression)
Collection « Shift Souls »
Collection privée
Iris van Herpen

 David Uzochukwu
pour Iris van Herpen —
Robe Sensory Seas
et Robe Nautiloid
« Sensory Seas »
Iris van Herpen

Bustier Arachne,
« Meta Morphism »
Soie de polyester, mylar,
tulle, cristaux Swarovski,
acier inoxydable
Iris van Herpen
© Dominique Maitre

En collaboration avec
Perry Hall
Robe Fractal Flows,
collection « Sensory Seas »
Organza de verre,
Komon Koubou, tulle
Collection Iris van Herpen
© Dominique Maitre

Robe Epicycle,
collection « Hypnosis »
Organza de verre, crêpe,
PetG, mylar
Iris van Herpen
© Dominique Maitre

Robe Suminagashi,
collection « Hypnosis »
Polyuréthane, mylar, tulle
Collection Iris van Herpen
© Dominique Maitre

Robe et coiffe
Frozen Falls,
collection « Syntopia »
Komon Koubou, organza,
mylar, tulle
Iris van Herpen
© Dominique Maitre

Mello Landini —
Ciclotrama 310
(de la série Superstrato)
Fils divers (sisal, coton)
sur toile en lin
© Les Arts Décoratifs /
Christophe Dellière

— Commissaire
Cloé Pitiot, conservatrice
au département moderne
et contemporain
Commissaire associée :
Louise Curtis, assistante
de conservation au département
moderne et contemporain
Avec la collaboration
de Mathurin Donchères
et Joffrey Picq