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Fascinating beauty with a distinctive mouth, COCO ROCHA youthful and hipster grace incarnates icone beauty.The one who is perpetually recreated on the pages of the magazines hides another side : the heart.She puts her passion for Irish dance at the service of the children Aids society in New York.

SM: Can you explain the french/english language duality in Canada?

Coco Rocha: Where I'm from for the most part we speak English, French is not common.  Although I did go to French school and all my classes were in French. I had always wondered why my mom had put me in french immersion but now very glad since I use it a lot in this industry!

SM: How do you live it on a day to day basis?
: If I'm in NYC, I get up and tend to my new apartment, there's a lot of  things I am working on with that.  Often I am not IN NYC and am working, it always depends on where I am! I like to go for walks and hang out with friends.

SM: What would you like to eat that you can't?
: Well nothing stops me from eating anything, but I choose not to eat certain things! Like sweets: Cakes, candies, pop, alcohol, chocolates.

SM: What 's your favorite dance music?
: I like anything that has a great beat like Bob Sinclair, which is very good party music.

SM: What do you listen to lately?
: Killa By cherish

SM: What brought you to dancing?
: I dont really know I've been dancing since I was very young.

SM: What is your favorite choreography and why?
: I love watching all that jazz, and cell tango from the movie Chicago, love dances with lots of energy and feeling.

SM: Does your model career leave you enough time for you?
: Not as much as I would some times wish,  but I also get to do things that normal 19 year olds would never get the chance to do. So I think myself very lucky.

SM: What is beauty for you?
: Beauty isn't just what people see with the eye but as I've been told that the models that work well are those who have great personality which shine through and brings out a real beauty.

SM: Is Coco Rocha your real name?
: I wasn't born with it but my mom started to call me "mon petit Coco" then gradually she started to call me Coco and then it changed when I started to go to school.

SM: About your work with the Childrens Aid Society in NYC:
CR: I feel that once a person feels comfortable with who they've become and are thankful of what they have its only right to help others get to where they want to be. So I'm now trying to give a little back, it may not do so much as change someones life but it might give them that push. And you never know it might have a big effect on their life.


Coco Rocha