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If fashion had an epicentre, Quidam de Revel would close to it. In October 2000, when they opened their boutique, Emmanuelle and Philippe didn’t imagine for a second that their “ideas lab” would become THE consulting place for all designers and fashion houses.

SM : At Quidam de Revel, who does what?

QDR : He stitches, I saw… I’m joking! Very roughly I buy and Philippe tells me when to stop!

SM : What’s your training?

QDR : In Philippe’s family, fathers and sons are antique dealers. I’m a professional dreamer.

SM : What is to be found at Quidam de Revel?

QDR : Futile items to make you dream about: Ancient, beautiful, luxurious pieces.

SM : Who consults you?

QDR : the movie business, the ad world, fashion houses and museums. SM : Do you receive specific orders?

QDR : Indeed we tend to receive specific orders because we have been working with the same houses for a long time.

SM : Where do you find these wonderful items?

QDR : It takes time and patience to put together a collection but it becomes harder and harder to find good stuff.

SM : What are the main factors to find good items?

QDR :To be part of a collection, an item must have the following factors: it has to be beautiful, rare, a good vintage, in good condition and a prestigious brand.

SM : Do you cover all the periods?

QDR : We cover from the 20’s to the 80’s.

SM : What are the pieces you prefer?

QDR : The pieces we prefer are the ones similar to us.

SM : What’s a treasure for you?

QDR : A treasure is unique; you are the one and only owner.

SM : What fascinates you?

QDR : The quest for the Holy Grail does.