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ARTY Florence Deygas and Olivier Kuntzel CAP & PEP
FASHION CLOSE UP Jean Charles de Castelbajac interviewPast - Present - Future
MUSIC Jerk 45 #2 Dj Mix - PlayTimeMIx 2007
MUSIC Imakita Bubble - B
ARTY Thierry Kuntzel
EXHIBITION Jim Dine Pinocchio
CINEMA Takeshis' Out of sight

This is the story of an unbreakable and unclassifiable duo, a couple of polymorph and versatile creators. KUNTZEL+DEYGAS are equally able to design turned glasses for BACCARAT, create a bag for CARTIER or conceive polo shirts for LACOSTE, redesign for Colette, conceive the opening credit for « CATCH ME IF YOU CAN » from SPIELBERG, direct a commercial for
ST LAURENT, or design the windows of the mega store Isetan in Tokyo.

With such a track record and after their intervention at Axa Aat, as a guest of Art St Germain des Prés 2007, they created an invisible bridge between art and industry, their aesthetic vision and mass consumption. Drawings, designs and redirection seem to be their assigned task on the derived industrial products, from tee shirt to cds. They like to create cartoon like characters, often in duet, like « the bear and the doll » in reference to BARDOT-CASSEL in MICHEL DEVILLE'S movie. Their last avatar-AVAT-ART- is another duet « CAPERINO and PEPERONE » (caper and pepper) a unique piece,
giant sculpture of 1m40 and 150 kg presented in a white glass.
Self produced audio sculpture and installation.
The two over sized dogs are great luxury speakers, ultra stylized, reminding of some very famous company dogs designs of the 30's in the Pathe Marconi
« La voix de son maître » style. An absolute master piece, poetic, aesthetic and audio.

The art piece is delivered with a first Opus of a signed compilation from ETIENNE CHARRY, CARLA BRUNI, PIERO UNILANI as well as great Italian cinema composers from the 60-70's ARMANDO TROVAJOLL, ENNIO MORRICONE which make it become an atmospheric piece: Ambient-Art.

and PEPERONE are the unique and ultra refined between analog and digital in a powerful sound transmission, sensory and voluptuous. Let's wish this creative duo and our two friends endless sonic and climatic adventures in hifi.

Patrick Sarfati - translation C.Denis

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Kuntzel + deygas + Caperino + Peperone


Florence Deygas & Olivier Kuntzel
Report Sabine Morandini
Interview Jim Nastik

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