Out of sight

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Takeshi Kitano never strikes where expected.

From the hardcore detective story (Hana-Bi,Aniki my brother) to the intimist chronicle (Kikujiro's summer), from the intimist chronicle to Chambara (in other word the samourai story with Zatoichi) , he brings us Takeshis', a new kind of sleepwalking farce, of altered self portrait.

In other word, this "thing" is an undefined ufo, with no classification, and no label that would stick. Its ground lays on look-alike personalities that are as physically similar that they are opposed psychologically. One is a cocky TV and movie star "myself as the japonese see me" Kitano would cackle in interviews. The other one is a clerck in a mart. Completly hallucinated, he meets his twin who is not his brother in a casting. From this point on, Takeshi loses it, per his own words : "one dreams what the life of the other could be".

Hard to find the boundary between reality and dream, especially when the director gets a kick from mixing tracks, blending reality, ending the story with a self mocking blood bath with a twist. Meanwhile, Takeshis' has seen it all, sometimes tense and closed up, sometimes delirious and apathethic, never very clear on its intentions. As a matter of fact Takeshi Kitano has a hard time to explain his motives, almost ready to shoot another Zatoichi to catch up with the probable financial losses of the demented Takeshis'


A japanese movie from Takeshi Kitano.

With : Takeshi Kitano, Kotomi Kyono, Kayoko Kishimoto

& Ren Osugi.

Length : 1 h 48mn

Marc Toullec / Translator : Carole Denis