Beauty or nothing
from the listing SEDUCTIVE

Maria Da Sallete Ferreira the brasilian was the epitome of beauty in her country for years as a famous television anchor. She mastered the illusion of youth thanks to her beauty secrets.

"I will reach an old age without medication with the help of a few tricks. Everyday I practice muscular relaxation while thinking of something positive, peace, love, happiness, money, all good things. positive thinking helps!!

We all know that the hardest thing with aging is the law of gravity that pulls muscles down, and since all is coming down, we have to fight gravity.

There are two holding muscles that are very important, the little and big zygomat. We can work on those muscles with pulling them up at their junction, pull, pull, pull, and smooth. We do this massage on one side, then the other..

Them we proceed to the smoothing of the wrinkles, we never just smooth it out, first you have to open it, where there is a wrinkle, you open, open, open, then you smooth out, smooth out, smooth out.

Then we pull the skin above the eye lid and we smooth the eye lid . I haven't done this exercice since long but I can garantee you that this side is higher than the other! And as we don't want to have one side higher that the other, we start the other side!"


Beauty or nothing / ARTE

extract from "25 ans, déjà le début de la fin."

Director : Milka Pavlicevic & André Schäfer