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LE TIGRE's roots go all the way back to a BIKINI KILL SHOW in Portland, Oregon:Johanna,in the audience, was impressed and intrigued, and approached Kathleen.

To give her a copy of her feminist art zine, SNARLA.The two became fast friends,and when Kathleen moved to New York soon after producing her first solo venture, JULIE RUIN, she asked to Johanna to help her produce it for the stage.The two ended up writing new songs altogether, along with their friend video-maker SADIE BENNING.

Shortly after the release of LE TIGRE'S self-titled debut, Sadie left the band to pursue her art career, and JD SAMSON, formerly a technician roadie with the band,became a full-fledged member of LE TIGRE.

Since then,they have released the EP from the desk of MR.LADY, the album FEMINIST SWEEPSTAKES and a collection of remixes. As an unmatched live phenomenon. LE TIGRE has toured extensively in the United States, Europe, and Japan and most recently performed at this past April’s COACHELLA, the alternative music festival in the southern California desert.

But Johanna holds firm that while LE TIGRE has grown. They are poised for the release of their most musically sophisticated record yet on the major label Strummer /Universal. The band's values have not changed. They are keeping one foot firmly planted in the underground, evidenced by the launch of their own independent label, LE TIGRE RECORDS, on which they will re-release their entire back catalog.

To that end,each band member is involved in other projects and has strong ties to an overlapping feminist /art/music scene. Kathleen recently wrote the preface to SCHEHERAZADE, an all-women's comic book anthology edited by MEGAN KELSO,and curated a gallery show of work by conceptual photographer TAMMY RAE CARLAND; Johanna co-wrote a catalog essay for the 2004 WHITNEY biennial; J.D. created a lesbian calendar in collaboration with phtographer CASS BIRD, and is also in a band called the NEW ENGLAND ROSES.

With pivotal issues like gay marriage,the right to choose, and a seemingly irresolvable war all coming to a head right now, Kathleen says, "it’s incredibly important for us to have a presence in pop culture right now".

Chicks on Speed

Le Tigre


The dance featured in the "Deceptacon"

video is called "Aerobicon."

Choreography by Miguel Gutierrez

Performed by Miguel Gut


Le Tigre - DecepTacon