Beat Takeshi Kitano

Gosse de peintre

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Must I really introduce you to Takeshi Kitano?? The actor, the troublemaker of japonese TV primetimes, the writer and most importantly the director.
But do you know the painter, the contemporary artist?
The Cartier Foundation invites us to discover the less known and hidden side of Kitano, total opposite of his industry image of " tough guy a bit of a philosopher" that suits him so well.
An exposition that became possible after the meetings of Herve Chandes (Cartier Foundation director) and the artist. 
A strange and unusual journey, happy and childish, absurd and complex..
The place is transformed into an autobiographical and nostalgic theme park, from a childhood that went by too fast. Schoolboy jokes, popular story tales, tradition, irreverence, fantastic vision, hybrid machines and real questions are thrown all together on the venue's two levels. 
Kitano deliberatly delivers  the Japanese Marine Minister's biggest secrets, and informs us of the future biotechnological projects of the mad Nipponese scientists, who must worry a lot!!
The traitor!!
He even reconsiders the theory of the dinosaurs'  disapearance and there, Pr T Kitano's theories are not completely crazy, at least he convinced me. I mean really, the dinosaurs, they never had any money, they don't even know how to use a credit card, and they finally disappear!! Not a bad thing.
There's also this certain pleasure to walk amongst those paintings and to recognize them from some movie, or to play with french postcards images, which disappear in a gust of wind .
"Gosse de peintre" will be a great opportunity to unstuck the little nephew from his Xbox as the expo is definitely geared toward his peers, space and experiences are available to them, you will find a lot of grown ups there too.
Let's take advantage of the arrival of Spring for exploring our Japanese senses while having fun.
Kitano Sensei I pay you all my respect.

Jim Nastik translator Carole Denis

Beat Takeshi Kitano, 2010
© Office Kitano Inc. Photo Yoshinaga Yasuaki 


Beat Takeshi Kitano
Fondation Cartier


Exhibition Beat Takeshi Kitano, Gosse de peintre, Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, March 11 – September 12, 2010

Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain
261 boulevard Raspail
75014 Paris