Hiroko Koshino

2011 Spring/Summer Collection & Art Exhibition

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My artistic concept is SUIBOKUGA (Chinese ink drawing/ wash tint). The black and white universe is quite different from the universe that involves painting with colors. However, it is not just two-toned (plain black and white). All the nuances with infinite variations from real black, Sumi-iro (color of ink), to Usu-zumi-iro (light color of ink) as well as smudge and hand-made blurry paintbrush lines on Japanese paper express this mysterious and deep universe. One single ink embodies all the colors on this earth.

SUIBOKUGA (Chinese ink drawing) born in China, was developed with the ZEN dogma. This universe of white and black nuances is always loved, appreciated, not only in Japan, but also in Eastern Asia and South-Eastern Asia.
One day, during a journey to Vietnam, in its city overflowing with colors, I felt the spirit of SUMIE (SUIBOKUGA). The Lotus Flower, symbol of Vietnam, is a subject of SUIBOKUGA that was designed on numerous occasions. Strongly influenced by European imprints due to French colonization, the country never forgot its Asian origins. It is in this country that I once again pondered on the Theme of my life. My perpetual Theme: Things that are born when Occidental elements penetrate into the Orient. This time, I wanted to tackle the Theme head on. For the Creation of my Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, I started out by drawing. Afterwards, I classified my sketches in two parts: In the SUMIE (SUIBOKUGA) universe or the one of overflowing colors such as I had experimented in Vietnam.

For me, these two universes are not in opposition, but represent the mutual reflection of two mirrors (AWASE-KAGAMI). It is with the textiles at the basis of these reinterpreted sketches that I created this Collection. I create contemporary models that are at the same time Asian and modern in keeping with the European style. The techniques used are not architectural but Oriental: I fold, and twist the materials. A floating and twirling dress in which the body flutters in the wind. Fluid lines with lightness that convey Spring and Summer. In this Collection & Exhibition, I am presenting you all the stages of my creations: The original sketches, the textile design and pieces of the Collection. Thus you will have a better understanding of my thoughts and my techniques spanning my entire creation.


Hiroko Koshino & Ruth


HIROKO KOSHINO 2011 Spring/Summer Collection & Art Exhibition
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