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Born in Zutphen, The Netherlands in 1977, Bas Kosters enjoyed a variety of fashion educations. After graduating on Fashion and Clothing at the Rijn IJssel College Arnhem in 1997, he attended Fashion Design at AKI Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede where he earned his degree in 2001 with the collection ‘Containerkoninginnen’ (Dumpster Queens). After AKI he attended a master course at Fashion Institute Arnhem from which he graduated in 2003 with the collection ‘Two Teacups and a Frying Pan’. With this collection he entered the Robijn Fashion Award and won the professional jury price. Inspired by image building in the music industry Bas Kosters created ‘Two Teacups and a Frying Pan’ as a fictional image for a band. By combining fashion, music and performance for the collection presentation, Bas made it look like an over-the-top pop concert. The band, initiated especially for the presentation, went by the name of ‘Bas Und Sein Verrucktes Musikanten Stadle’. This illustrates the multi-disciplinary methodology of Bas Kosters.
After winning the Robijn Fashion Award due to this unique collection and presentation, Bas Kosters soon caught the public’s eye.

In 2005 Bas Kosters started the ‘Bas Kosters Studio’ to house all the fashion-related activities he undertakes as an artist in one company name. Aside from designing clothes, Bas Kosters paints, illustrates, makes dolls, objects, installations, music and does performances. Dolls play a big part in the work of Bas Kosters Studio. You can also find them in prints and as accessories.
An opulent use of colors, intensive embroidery and the use of his signature prints are recognizable features of Bas’ work.

Bas Kosters believes in history and continuity. His work comments on fashion and the fashion industry. Hurrying to present a new collection every half-year doesn’t fit in that picture. The most important thing is that visualizations and the body of thought keep coming back, and function as a focal point for the spectator. That’s why he believes strongly in building an oeuvre. For Bas Kosters Studio a collection is something that you build up, rather like a collection in a museum. Bas' work envolves throughout the creative process, his earlier work leading, seemingly inevitably, to his newest creations. This assures that Bas' work stays relevant as a whole, rather than becoming a series of isolated creations.