Nobuyoshi Araki


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At almost 70 years, the most controversial  Nippon artists  presents a
recent series of his famous photographs of young women tied up in the tradition of Shibari, the art of erotic bondage. 

Nobuyoshi Araki embarked on photography in the 1960s. Liberated from any taboo, the artist's work revolves around themes almost obsessive: Tokyo, sex and  death. At a time when notions of femininity and sexuality are undergoing radical  changes in Japanese society, he directed the young women in positions of total submission. Beyond the complexity of the art of bondage, these photographs are  witness to the imprisonment of the mindset in conventions, the complexity of the  tradition of erotic Japanese Shibari and a biographical reference to the first  model of Nobuyoshi Araki, his wife Yoko who died prematurely.

Gijs Van  Tuyl, director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, described the art of  photographing of Araki as a kind of ritual dance with the model which takes  place during a passionate duel between the two protagonists. As confirmed by the  artist, "I always thought the photo shoot like a real melee. It is a physical relationship between a man and a woman as a love relationship. " 

Nobuyoshi Araki's photographs have been exhibited worldwide, including  the Kunsthal in 1993 at the Fondation Cartier in Paris in 1995, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 1999, Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul in 2002, Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2005, the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin in 2006, the  Foundation Sloughter Philadelphia in 2008. His work is represented in numerous  international collections including the LACMA in Los Angeles, the Centre Georges  Pompidou in Paris, Fotomuseum Winterthur and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.


Exhibiition Nobuyoshi Araki "Bondages"
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Nobuyoshi Araki - Bondages

Report Sabine Morandini


Gallery Daniel Templon

30 rue Beaubourg

75003 Paris