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Born in Vilnius (Lituania).

1984 like Georges Orwell. The dark future. Natalie Shau is a mix between the 21st and the 19th century for a young illustrator who defines herself as a dark artist.

Hyperactive, she feeds herself with music, religious pictures with a taste of perversity, tales and legends, modern and classical paintings, photographs. Purity seems to be her ideal quest, creativity her rehab process and outlet. Her universe branches between Tarantula and Super Manga, Edgar Poe's tales Lovecraft or Ray Bradbury's novels, Joël Peter Witkin's world, Tim Burton or David Lynch's movies, Arthur Rackham's illustrations, Burne Jones like pre-Raphael painters, 19th century englishmen, european and german expressionists.

This dark romantic gives birth to surrealistic creatures like diabolic barbies, morbid, gothic and sophisticated lolitas between E.T. and Bella dolls, vampire women at Barbara Steels and Lewis Caroll or Nabokov's child women , her numeric goddess create an ultra modern and past universe through her graphic pad.

She started to score very prestigious jog at a very young age, CD for Kerlin or Web, Lydia Courteille jewelry illustrations, and Paris, Berlin, Prague and New York chase her for her expos.

Her dark and gothic universes upsets and offsets, her digital technic reminds of japonese illustration's perfection, her perfect and venenous women spring straight out of deranged dreams to merge in the graphic phantasms hall of fame of the greatest.

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Natalie Shau interview


Natalie Shau

Digital Artwork

3 décembre 2008 - 15 janvier 2009

Cabinet des Curieux

12 Passage Verdeau 75009 Paris