Loris Gréaud

The Unplayed Notes

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THE UNPLAYED NOTES is an experience of four successive states.

The first state represents the motherly aspect of a galaxy during its maternity, suspended in outer space.
SPORES is a constellation of blown glass shapes, whose luminous incandescence evokes the respiration of celestial eggs.
At the center, two video sequences mirror each other; hypnotic and obsessional, ONE THOUSAND WAYS TO ENTER is an endless repetition of the combinations necessary to flight.

In the second state, fascination is replaced by a feeling of concern, through the openings in the foliage the muted menace of chainsaws can be heard, the forest becomes animated with sporadic vibrations induced by the (hostile?) thought of FREQUENCY OF AN IMAGE. The artificial greenery is surrounded by fossilized artwork as NOTHING LEFT TO FALSIFY, a series of test prints by the artist is reduced to ashes.
Greenery and vegetable amber are left behind as spatial black looms ahead.

The third state fills you with peace, admiration and curiosity. LEE RANALDO'S soundscape and the nocturnal ambiance of the installations captures our capacity for spatial perception. We enter a world free of gravity, where a eerie ballet of floating meteorites, all connected to each other, recreate a fictional cosmic landscape.
The writer MARK TWAIN passed away on the day HALLEY'S Comet narrowly missed the earth, and TWAIN ROCKS is materialized in the printed pages of TOM SAWYER.
From the vault, blinding rays project the film THE UNPLAYED NOTES; diverted from its primary function, a thermic camera shoots the sexual antics between two actors, but only reveals their luminous intertwined bodies, spatially mobile.
In the shadow of the KRAKEN installation, great monochrome canvases of amalgamated squid ink and silicone, imagine a geological mapping of unknown territories... CTHULUH'S den?

The fourth state elevates the eye and the spirit. TAINTED LOVE, born from the melting of love padlocks, explores the metamorphosis of metal and the fusion of feelings. In the background, the resonance of a tuning fork becomes a bridge between terrestrial space and sidereal space. Fifteen pedestals establish a kinetic perception of the infinite, a vision resulting from by the perspective of immobility and the multiplication of transformed works.

Free from convention, LORIS suggests a vision in motion of a dynamic and spatial kind of art, his daydreaming is enthralling.

Wandering through LORIS GRÉAUD'S immersive experience, THE UNPLAYED NOTES, we discover all the ingredients of a story that deals with carbon, moonscapes, energy, animal, vegetable, with reproduction, physics, chemistry, fusion; it is impossible not to be reminded of the theory according to which life on earth comes from one single meteorite, whose amino acid (1) started life, and how in each human being or each living thing, this molecule still exists...
In the beginning, there was.....

(1) March 2008: Researchers at the Max Planck Radio Astronomy Institute in Bonn detected for the first time a molecule chemically close to an amino acid: aminoacetronitrile. This discovery is even more spectacular by due to the fact that the molecule is possibly a direct precursor of glycine, an essential amino acid integral to life itself.
Since 1965, over 140 molecules have been discovered in outer space, within interstellar clouds or in gas shells around stars. Most of these molecules are organic, in other words based on carbon. "Bio-molecules", including amino acids - elementary "bricks" that make up proteins -, are key elements for the occurrence of life, are the object of particularly intensive research. Amino acids have been discovered in meteorites that landed on Earth.
CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research)

Sabine Morandini translation Delphine Dalquié



©Loris Gréaud

Spores 1, 2012

35 unique pieces made of blown glass
from the sand in an hourglass
System illuminated

One thousand ways to enter (bats edit), 2012

HD movie made from images captured
with an ultrafast thermal camera
Subjects filmed in collaboration with
Professor Kenny Breuer of Brown
University and Denis Bartolo CNRS:
movement of bats observed in a wind tunnel.
Sound Design: Thomas Bonneau

Frequency of an Image, 2012

Plastic plants (Giant bamboo, bamboo
oriental, Ficus Liana, Birch,
mixed/colorful Bamboo , black bamboo,
Raphis Lady palm), black architect paint,
matt absolute.
Molded concrete base and broken
concrete slabs

The Unplayed Notes, 2012

Copy and mounting exhibition.
Film shot in HD Thermal Imaging
Camera, Flir T640.
Actors: Tony Carrera and Astrid Le Gall
Technicians: Marc Commenge and
Sylvain Telmi

Tainted Love, 2012

Sound design: Lee Ranaldo, recording a
tune done with Loris Gréaud in the
anechoic chamber at IRCAM, Paris.
Loop 15 seconds.
Sculptures made from cut padlocks on the
Pont des Arts in Paris (130 kg) were
melted, molded, twisted, oxidized and brushed.


"The Unplayed Notes"
Loris Gréaud
Yvon Lambert gallery


108, rue Vieille du Temple
75003 PARIS