Sicko - Michael Moore
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This is Michael Moore best documentary.. Even though it talks about a terrifying subject : all those people who die-for they die- in the states, of diseases that are curable. Including those who carry high cost private insurances. Because if they insurance companies say NO, it's NO, no treatment...

We see those poor sickos go thorugh and explain their case, and if I got it right, they're allready dead!!!

Fortunately the director steps out his boundaries and explore the health care systems that work. First Canada, not bad, then Great Britain, even better. So we quietly mourn, oh well, he forgot our dear french secu ..(social security). But here he is, with his big belly, in front of the Eiffel Tower !! We even have a french episode. From there on you have an exhilarating room, dead of laugh. They cry, they rejoice, they laugh. With on best of laugh the moment where in a typical Parisian family, we found out that the most important expense after mortgage and vacation cost, is...the cost of fish!! She confirms, and her husband is hiding in shame. It's not over yet. The director strike us the right way. He admires our sos doctors, open wide eyes on our paid leaves, hallucinates on our sick leaves and almost shokes when he finds out a maid is sent by the government to help a young mom do...her laundry !!

It's too much, we almost lost Michael Moore on that one.

The bouquet finale is in Cuba, where we kind of hurt for the sick americans who go with him, and discover that the free communist health system works...



A americain documentary film by Michael Moore

With: Michael Moore, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton ...

Lenght: 120 m


Anne Sophie Salles - translate Carole Denis